This is my first photoshoot. I needed a model, but I couldn’t find one so it’s going to be me.

Photo showing off an Orient Bambino and the new background.

My family was going out of town for the evening and the garage was going to be empty; so it was kind of unplanned. The night before I had just completed my portrait kit — the backdrop and backdrop stand had arrived. Building the kit had taken more than a year at this point because I refuse to pay full price and I didn’t want to compromise on quality.

The garage turned into a photography studio for the night.

The last important piece in the portrait kit was the backdrop stand and backdrop. The backdrop stand is branded “Impact”; I believe this is a B&H Photo house brand. This stand was normally over $250, but it went on sale for $160 so I jumped at the opportunity. This was also the price of it in the previous Black Friday. I almost bought it then, but I opted to buy a 5×7 backdrop kit, which was also on sale then for $70. After shooting a little bit with the smaller kit, it was immediately evident that it would be limiting. The backdrop had to be larger. Needless to say I regrettably let the Black Friday deal go — but I was lucky it went on sale again only a couple of months later.

I could have bought much cheaper backdrop stands on Amazon, but I had bought a couple of dirt cheap light stands before and you do get what you pay for. The stands are essentially good for nothing but the lightest of loads placed with utmost care. Go over that only by a little and they will endanger the gear depending on them.

This is my Epiphone Les Paul. I was fortunate to have gotten a terrific deal on this at a Guitar Center in Los Angeles almost a decade ago. I’ve played this only a few times because I don’t like to plugin the amplifier.